So Much For That Pivot (3-Verse Limerick)

At his speech Tuesday night, Trump seemed sane.
His proposals still sucked, but his brain
And behavior looked stable.
(Less time watching cable?)
Fawning pundits were ably inane:

Trump’s “pivot” was praised by the press,
Who perceived “presidential” finesse.
Heavy meds (I assume)
Might explain his brief bloom
Into something much less of a mess.

But his meds have worn off, I conclude,
Based on stark-raving tweets that he spewed
Just today. Yes his feed
On Twitter indeed
Proves our leader’s a bleeping-mad dude.

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One Response to “So Much For That Pivot (3-Verse Limerick)”

  1. Frank Butera says:

    Man With A Machine On A Mission

    On health care, Senate’s “hiding the ball” so,
    Has sorely pissed off Rand Paul though.
    His chase ’round the Hill,
    Sleuthing GOP’s “secret” bill,
    Has him playing Capitol “Where’s Waldo”.