Trump Joins The Make-Believe War On Christians (Limerick)

Trump BS of the Day:
“Trump calls for Christian unity at Liberty U.
‘Other religions, frankly, they’re banding together,’ he says. ‘We have to unify.'”

Trump panders at Liberty U,
Says what “under siege” Christians should do:
“Band together” like other
Religions. Oh brother!
Trump just loves spewing statements untrue.

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2 Responses to “Trump Joins The Make-Believe War On Christians (Limerick)”

  1. Trump trumpets at Liberty U
    Calls for Christians to gather and do
    “Band together” like those others
    Before they come for your mothers
    Didn’t say this but would just to rile you!

  2. Today at Liberty U
    Trump called for Corinthians 2
    Thought a joke he was bumbling
    Rather than a portion a-stumbling
    The only war on Christians this buffooneroo