Limerick Ode To Planned Ignorance

Limerick Ode To Planned Ignorance
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Planned ignorance, such is the scheme
That conservatives love — what a dream:
Withhold info that’s needed
And ought to be heeded.
That’s the key to get wins for their team.

Whitewashing textbooks and refusing to allow the CDC to study gun violence are but two examples.

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One Response to “Limerick Ode To Planned Ignorance”

  1. Suzanne Heymann says:

    Wow! Sounds exactly like what’s happening in Canada here. The CONs (as we call the conservatives here) are doing the very deed you state in your limerick! Brilliant! (our federal election is happening on Oct. 19/ Politics is like a soap opera – you follow it faithfully to see what more dirt is stirred up that causes turmoil… except in this case, you get to vote out the bad guy; the plot thickens if the bugger gets voted back in!)