Scalia (Song Parody To Leonard Bernstein’s Maria, from West Side Story)

Though I already wrote an Antonin Scalia limerick today, I’m itching for more. So I composed these song parody lyrics to the tune of “Maria.”

Now Scalia/Maria does sound obvious. So I’m surely not the first to use “Maria” to parody Scalia. But I don’t want to do a Google search, lest I be inadvertently influenced by someone else’s lyrics.

And with that disclaimer out of the way, here’s my parody:

The jiggery-pok’ry Scalia,
Treats justice like a game,
The worst judge I can name, you see.

The wingnutty jurist, Scalia,
Demands the final word
With phrases so absurd, to me.

When he loses a case, he’s sulking,
And his presence is always so hulking.

The nastiest Justice, Scalia.

Scalia, Scalia, Scalia, etc.

Pitches disses, instead of reason,
Disagreements with him — treats like treason.

That sore-losing, pompous Scalia.

The most odious person on that Court:


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One Response to “Scalia (Song Parody To Leonard Bernstein’s Maria, from West Side Story)”

  1. Steve Bates says:

    How do you solve a problem like Sca-li-a…”

    (Somewhere, I believe, I actually wrote that doggerel, but I can’t locate it now. Feel free to use the line if you like. But it would be hard to top your “Maria” parody… excellent, Mad!)