Debt Ceiling Limerick Trio

Here are three more debt ceiling limericks:

Our nation’s in trouble galore,
And the last thing we need is some more.
Yet pols in DC
Feel free to decree
“I shall get what I want. This is war.”


I have many large bills to defray,
But our debt ceiling says we can’t pay.
“Increase me,” it squeals,
But my wife says, “No deals!
We’ll default. It’s the Washington way.”


As the pols in DC vent their spleen
Over actions that should be routine,
Our land’s on the brink
Of a crisis some think
Was created on purpose. Obscene!


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3 Responses to “Debt Ceiling Limerick Trio”

  1. hansi says:

    This whole thing is making me sick!

  2. Mark Kane says:

    Here’s one I just wrote. Enjoy!

    There’s an end to this Debt Ceiling Fight?
    Alas, nothing’s quite black and white.
    Each side makes its case,
    If just to save face.
    A pause, but an end? None’s in sight!

  3. madkane says:

    Hansi, me too. Mark, we’ve got our ending … and it’s a bad one.