Pre-Election Jitters (Limerick) Limerick Audio

Pre-Election Jitters (audio version)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I am feeling freaked out and may weep
Cuz I fear a Republican sweep.
I’m bracing for news
That’s so awful my views
Said in verse will require a bleep.

(If you’d like to hear me recite this limerick, click here for Pre-Election-Jitters.)

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5 Responses to “Pre-Election Jitters (Limerick) Limerick Audio

  1. PianoMan says:

    I too have a feeling of dread,
    To see all those blues turning red,
    And so if next Tuesday
    Should prove a bad news day
    I’ll booze up and fall into bed.

  2. madkane says:

    Good one, PianoMan!

  3. Marie York says:

    We don’t yet know what we’ll be hit with.
    If it does, it will no longer just be myth.
    We’ll confront when we fall
    (if we don’t win it all),
    being saddled with quite a behemoth.

  4. Jesse Levy says:

    Now, I’m on the optimist side
    I think that we’re in for a ride
    A Democratic sweep
    So please don’t you weep
    The Republicans are now on the slide.

  5. Pangloss says:

    Rob Hood, in a limerick line
    There are three beats or two beats—not nine!
    Could it be that the Right
    Doesn’t know how to write?
    Far be it from me to opine…