Open Limerick To The Anti-Government Crowd

It seems the “keep the government away from my Medicare” crowd is even larger and more confused than we thought:

A new study by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University shows that most Americans who say they want more limited government also call Social Security and Medicare “very important.” They want Washington to be involved in schools and to help reduce poverty. Nearly half want the government to maintain a role in regulating health care.

That brings me to my latest two-verse limerick:

Open Limerick To The Anti-Government Crowd
By Madeleine Begun Kane

You folks who cry out for less gov
Have lots of gov programs you love:
You think Medicare’s great
And you’d surely berate
Any pol who gave SS a shove.

You hate taxes for highways and schools,
But you don’t want your kids taught by fools.
And you’re quick to unload
When your bridges corrode.
Please wake up — don’t be Tea Party tools.

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8 Responses to “Open Limerick To The Anti-Government Crowd”

  1. Scott says:

    That hits the nail on the head.
    Two thumbs up!

  2. Scott says:

    MadK, I’m sorry if I’m overstepping my bounds here but I thought that I would share a poem that I wrote several months ago, in response to Beck’s DC tea-party. It touches on this current subject.
    (ps-there are 3 different meters in this poem)


    There’s a party going on on the White House lawn
    That has caused a media sensation
    The sheets have come off but the costumes are on
    They are the voice of de-generation
    It is fear they embrace, their paranoia in place
    You are welcome to join if you are the right race
    There’s a party going on on the White House lawn
    Sponsored by a big corporation.

    These fools all cry that we are under attack
    Echoing the blather of some partisan hack
    While the world’s moving forward they just wanna go back
    To the time when they had control
    When it was sheer blasphemy to utter a word
    Against the one who deserted or the one who deferred
    When the lines we were fed went beyond the absurd
    And the lies that were all swallowed whole

    Too blind to see the paradox
    Of a call to arms from chicken hawks
    Who stole the eggs and fed the FOX
    As they marched us off to war
    Unable to think for themselves
    Subservient to God and wealth
    Neglectful of their neighbor’s health
    And what they should stand for
    They thump their chests and pump their fists
    Claim health care reform is socialist
    But man they would get really pissed
    If you touched their Medicare
    But it is pointless to explain
    To those who have but half a brain
    That Medicare by another name
    Is Socialist Healthcare

    There’s a party goin on on the White House lawn
    A fete of fundamental masturbation
    The gloves have come off, the Constitution cum on
    A spate of premature tea-jaculation
    See them stammer and yell, their genitalia swell
    They write their own signs but they can’t even spell
    There’s a party goin on on the White House lawn
    A most despicable demonstration

  3. Veralynne says:

    Great one! Remember the Tea Partier signs that read: “Government: Keep your hands off my Medicare!” People just don’t know WHAT they’re talking about anymore! The mainstream media has everyone so confused!

    It’s the mainstream media news
    All they do is misinform and confuse
    Folks don’t know where to turn
    They think, “What can I burn?”
    When that starts, all of us lose.

    I’ve not seen an election like this
    It’s fixed but they think “hit or miss”
    Don’t know why they can’t see it
    The Repugs’ choice will be it
    So, let’s say good night with a kiss

    Hope I’m wrong, and you know that I do
    But what I see, you do, too
    For the Dems it seems slight
    To hope for what’s right
    We mean LEFT! “For the people,” that’s you!

    I’ve been fighting for all of my life
    I’m tired and I give up the strife
    The kids need to stand up
    And seriously band up
    So together they make freedom THEIR life!

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks Scott and Veralynne! I enjoyed your verse.

  5. Scott says:

    Vera, never give up the strife. The kids WILL stand up and band up, if WE stand in front and lead the way.

    Madeleine, you are such a gracious host. I aspire to someday reach your level of wit and wisdom.
    And your pic does remind me of Bonnie Parker.
    I envy Clyde…..

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks, Scott. Now you’ve gone and made me blush. :) As for Bonnie Parker, I sure hope you mean the movie Bonnie Parker and not the scary looking real life one. :)

  7. Scott says:

    Too funny. You look like Faye Dunaway and I feel like Worn-out Beatty

  8. Mo Rage says:

    Question: how do you run a country of 350+ million people without government or taxes?

    Answer: You don’t.

    Mo Rage
    the blog