Mosque Mockery

I’m never surprised when Republicans try to trash the U.S. Constitution. But Senator Harry Reid’s position about the proposed Cordoba House — the inaccurately nicknamed “Ground Zero Mosque” — disappointed me.

But then what do I know? I’m just a 1st amendment fan who lives in New York City. And I’d rather see a mosque than a burned out former Burlington Coat Factory store.

That brings me to my latest limerick:

Mosque Mockery
By Madeleine Begun Kane

A “Ground Zero Mosque” — oh how shocking!
Hurray for the folks who are blocking
That mosque to replace
The old coat-selling place.
If perchance you can’t tell — yes, I’m mocking.

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7 Responses to “Mosque Mockery”

  1. Mz.Libertee says:

    hey mad, just discovered you from Steve Wehmhoff’s facebook page. Loving everything u do. I worked at 100 Church Street for NYC Law Dept in the 90s and spent waaaay too much money at Burlington! It was just so temptingly close. down the elevator. out the side door, and presto, another new pair of shoes i had to hide from my boyfriend. At least i could go swimming there now on my lunch hour and get some exercise.
    I’ve just about given up on our poor country but i’ll enjoy reading ur blog.
    thanks again.
    Mz. Libertee (aka Deandra Harris-Turner) : )

  2. madkane says:

    Fun limerick, Rob … and for once we agree on politics. :)

    And great to meet you Mz. Libertee. Thanks so much for the kind words. By the way, I worked as a lawyer for over a dozen years, before escaping. :) I spent entirely too much time in NYC courts and am very familiar with 100 Church Street. Hope you get to enjoy that pool!

  3. Robert Weller says:

    A ground zero mosque _ oh how shocking
    But just who are we mocking
    There are already two mosques
    Is this a kiosk
    Perhaps that’s why to this idea not many are flocking

  4. The BoBo says:

    This isn’t about the first amendment – this is what is right and decent. Muslims slaughtered 3000 Americans that day and destroyed an Iconic set of buildings. Do you really think it is healing and uniting to have Muslims now setting up shop across from there? I don’t deny them their 1st amendment right to practice their religion – but – if they were truly building it there to unite – given the fact they are dividing our country over this – wouldn’t you think they would back off?

    Also – if you don’t think this is a trophy for radical muslims – why then do you think that Daisy believes this particular building was given to them by divine intervention. You do realize that this building was destroyed by a piece of one of the aircraft that slaughtered our people. How could that be delivered through divinity then unless you thought the action was through divinity as well?

    I’m not buying it. Given the developers also announced they will be taking funding from Iran and Saudi Arabia – contradicting the Imam’s previous statement saying funding will come ONLY from muslim Americans – do you still think this is just about freedom of religion?

  5. Steve Nance says:


    Timothy McVeigh cited his Christian faith — that is, his own twisted perversion of Christianity — to justify his terrorism that killed 168 Americans. Does that mean we should ban Christian churches near the site of the Murrah building in Omaha, and treat all Christians as if they were somehow associated with terrorism? That’s the equivalent of your use of “Muslims” as if it were a synonym for Al-Queda.

    Every religion has a small fringe of violent extremists to contend with — sociopaths will latch onto anything. I don’t accept the “fact they are dividing our country.” It’s religious chauvinists like you — supporting others’ first amendment rights, as long as they don’t actually exercise them — who sow division, and provide ideological cover to those in both faiths who would use religion as an excuse for violence.

    You’re right, welcoming people of all faiths to practice how and where they choose — even a few blocks away from the site where so many people of many faiths were killed — is not just a First Amendment issue; it’s about fighting terrorism as well.

  6. Jeff says:

    One building in New York we must lose
    It’s our enemies or us; we must choose
    They’re dangerous and violent
    They lie or stay silent
    So it’s time: Let’s get rid of Fox News!

  7. The BoBo says:


    I guess you missed the part where Raouf provides material support to terrorists and is a known co-conspirator to the Holy Land Foundation that funds terrorism. I guess you don’t mind that he is getting funding for this mosque from Iran either. I know – just look the other way – that is what Clinton did for 8 years – and look what happened. Glad to see you liberals welcome another terrorist attack on America knowing this mosque will attract radical islamofascists from around the globe since it is being funded by blood money.