My John “My Friends” McCain Theory

Wow!  Even Don “McCain Worshipper” Imus can’t stand it any more. I just heard Imus tell Craig Crawford:

If he says “my friends” one more time, I’m gonna kill myself.

I think it’s time for a haiku:

A candidate
Who can’t stop saying “my friends,”
Doesn’t have any.

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4 Responses to “My John “My Friends” McCain Theory”

  1. I love it. Thanks for the laugh.


  2. Diana says:

    Damn that made my day. My thought exactly. So funny!

  3. Stephen Feinland says:

    It is not a Haiku. It has only four sylabbles in the first line instead of five.

  4. will says:

    Um…yeah. I’m a fan of the I-Man, but considering his hatard for Bush and the Iraq war am a little baffled by his love for McCain.