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Dental Verse (Limerick & Haiku Prompt)

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

A limerick and a haiku (senryu) with teeth today.  First, my limerick:

I think I’m becoming unglued —
Not my mind, but a cap caught on food.
But I can’t blame the guy
Who implanted it.  Why?
I forgot to get perm-glued — not shrewd!

And now my haiku (senryu):

The left and the right
May mouth off at each other,
But both hate dentists.

Now, of course, it’s your turn. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write some verse about dentists and/or teeth. When you’ve posted your poem(s), please return here and add a direct link to your themed poetry, using Mr. Linky.  And please post a comment as well.

Limerick and Haiku Prompts Participants

1. Elephant Small
2. vincent hefter
3. Alan Summers
4. Lilibeth
5. Rob Kistner
6. kouji | haiku poems
7. Joyce
8. Nickers and Ink
9. sister AE
10. Oliver
11. USpace
12. USpace
13. Ben Cousins
14. Val Russell
15. Holly
16. Unsay Moon

UPDATE: Mr. Linky is now closed, but you can still add links to your dental verse in the Comments. And if you’d like to participate in a new poetry prompt, you can always find my latest one here.

UPDATE 2: Happy National Toothache Day! (celebrated yearly on February 9th) And happy Dentists Day! (celebrated yearly on March 6th)