Risky Ramble (Limerick)

When I encounter a new-to-me word, I often challenge myself to use it in a limerick. Today’s ancient and obscure, but (lucky for me) rhymable word is “cramble.” (As a noun, it refers to broken tree branches thrown to the ground and usable for craft or firewood.)

Through the forest, my husband would ramble
In his quest for good fireplace cramble.
Soon a fire would blaze,
And before it we’d gaze,
As he bandaged his wounds from the bramble.

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One Response to “Risky Ramble (Limerick)”

  1. Mary+McGarvey says:

    As through my house I ramble,
    I call my crim-cram “cramble”.
    Odd Boxes piled high,
    Books and papers leaning nigh,
    Get through it like a crab 🦀: scramble!