Homonym Fun (Limerick)

I just stumbled onto the new-to-me word FRATER: the dining room or refectory of a monastery. (Yes, I should have known it from “fraternal,” but I didn’t.) And as soon as I realized it’s a homophone type homonym of FREIGHTER, I felt compelled to write a limerick:

Don’t confuse the word “freighter” with “frater.”
One transports you; the latter will cater
To cuisine-needs monastic.
(I doubt it takes plastic.)
I’ll postpone further lessons for later.

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One Response to “Homonym Fun (Limerick)”

  1. Diane Groothuis says:

    I think I’ll go down to the frater
    To dine on cold meat and potata
    As a monk I will pray
    It’s not cabbage today
    Of which I’m a most seasoned hater.