Some News Items Cry Out For A Limerick

A Limerick barn has been wrecked
By a drunk-driving woman, unchecked.
With no qualms about stealing
The truck she was wheeling,
She ought to be (rhymers say) decked.

(Inspired by this news story: “Woman injured when stolen Angry Orchard truck crashes into Limerick barn.”)

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One Response to “Some News Items Cry Out For A Limerick”

  1. Suzanne Heymann says:

    So where will the lim’ricks be stored?
    Now that the barn walls have been gored
    There’s room in my attic
    Not too problematic
    Just don’t tell my crabby landlord.

    I hate it when folks drink and drive
    So did all of the lim’ricks survive?
    I hope, in the crash
    That her nose hit the dash
    Years in jail she should get – give her five!