Mad Wanderer (Limerick)

Mark wants us to go see a movie tonight. So I’m bracing for my customary hate-the-movie, ADD freak-out, which tends to hit roughly 20 minutes into most movies.

At that point, I jump out of my seat and flee the theater, after whispering to Mark that I’ll be back when the movie’s over.

And that explains this limerick:

Mad Wanderer
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Watching movies at home fits the bill.
I am free then to wander at will
Through our house, as Mark stares
At a film getting glares
From his wife, who just sees it as swill.

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One Response to “Mad Wanderer (Limerick)”

  1. If I want to sit in a room full of dills pushing food into their face, I’ll go to a cafeteria. What is it with people that they can’t go 2hrs without food. Not that the stuff they eat is food. Pfft.