Taking The Plunge (Limerick)

Today on Facebook, someone posted a photo of a short, female subway rider using a plunger on the train ceiling, so she could remain standing without losing her balance. Since I too am a short, subway-challenged woman, I was inspired to write this limerick:

Taking The Plunge (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I am thinking of taking the plunge:
Subway plungers might help prevent lunge
And thusly forestall
A terrible fall.
But I need one not covered in grunge.

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16 Responses to “Taking The Plunge (Limerick)”

  1. I’d offer you my seat.

  2. This has me laughing! I’d offer you my seat, too.

  3. Ugh! I hope it wasn’t a used one!!

  4. z. alexi says:

    If you’re “thinking of taking the plunge,” call me to paint wooden handle of your plunger. I painted mine in 59 motley nail-polish hues & it’s so exquisite that~~instead of dreading to use it~~I like it. Lost its negative taint when I prettified it.

  5. Nice one. As a regular user of the London Underground in my youth, I wish I’d thought of that. Though one has to wonder whether suction would allow her to get off at the right station :-)

  6. Wow! Stimulates my cognizance

  7. Mary says:

    All sorts of images come to my mind here!! Smiles.

  8. brian miller says:

    haha using a plunger to hold yourself in place on the subway, well that is one way to do it…

  9. WabiSabi says:

    As another vertically challenged person, I can sympathize! Hilarious visual though! Thanks for sharing your limericky take on the world! We need every laugh we can get!Wherein The Muse’s Vehicle Goes Into the Shop for Repairs

  10. I ride the tram but I am amazed sometimes at people, a grown man, a young man ran to steal a seat from my 5 year old daughter! Its not easy for small children to stand because they are so stop go stop go. I would offer you my seat!

    Very amusing and charmingly spun
    The new prompt is up its free share so anything goes

  11. Bob Ellis says:

    Lovely bit of writing. Applause!

  12. aelfbee says:

    Someone should patent an untoileted version.

  13. I would want to know if the plunger had been used or not–and if so, how!

  14. Been there, done that…so sorry…

  15. madkane says:

    Thanks so much for your delightful comments!

  16. Brother Ollie says:

    that lady is a genius! love the plunger back story