This Trend Sounds Fishy (Limerick)

Yikes! Scrotum Rejuvenation??? Yes, this Hollywood male grooming trend sounds fictitious, but apparently isn’t.

This Trend Sounds Fishy (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

A new wrinkle in grooming appalls,
And it’s pricey — not offered in malls.
It stems out of a joke
From that George Clooney bloke:
“Tackle-tightening” — ironing your balls.

Note to Judd Apatow: I’d better not see any Tackle-Tightening in the 50 Year Old Virgin.

Note to George Clooney: Tell the truth: Were you REALLY just joking, when you said you got your balls “unwrinkled”?

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2 Responses to “This Trend Sounds Fishy (Limerick)”

  1. Call me crazy, but aren’t scrotums kinda wrinkly anyway?

  2. z. alexi says:

    Daunting slog, Mad~~who could write about balls & not creep us out?
    If Clooney didn’t wash for a month…wear unlaundered clothes…serve stale biscuits & water for your meal…make you walk home~~his prune balls would still draw the babes. He & Paul Newman~~notorious for gimmicks/practical jokes.