Minding My Haiku

Just a single spark —
all you need to fire up


Blaming messenger
heralds avoidance when you
can’t bear the message.


Some thorny problems
can’t be solved by deep thinking
and just need deep sleep.


(Prompts used in this post: making fire from We Write Poems, messenger from Sunday Scribblings, and thorn from Weekend Wordsmith)

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18 Responses to “Minding My Haiku”

  1. Stan Ski says:

    You make it look so easy.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks, Stan!

  3. Madeleine, nice to see you at the Scribblings! Not only was your “messenger” haiku fun, it was so true. Thanks for the smile, and here is mine:
    Message in a Bottle
    Peace, Amy BL

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks so much Sharp Little Pencil! Always good to see you here and read your poetry.

  5. Amanda says:

    The third is so damn true sometimes! the second is very nice as well, loved the first very positive!

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks, Amanda!

  7. Altonian says:

    It would take me a page and a half of close typing to get anywhere near the amount of wisdom and truth shown in your three haikus. Remarkable work!!

  8. nimue says:

    wonderful collection !

  9. Kylie says:

    All three say so much. I really enjoyed these.

  10. madkane says:

    Thanks so much, Altonian, Nimue, and Kylie. I appreciate your enthusiasm for my haiku!

  11. pamela says:

    I can so relate to the last one, Madeleine.


  12. Andy says:

    Mind is usually clearer after a deep sleep. Nicely done.

  13. madkane says:

    Thanks Pamela and Andy!

  14. earlybird says:

    The first and the last resonated particularly for me. Nicely done, Mad.

  15. ms pie says:

    oh those are good madkane… i’m knee deep in thorns, maybe i will just have a nice dark ale and a snooze…

  16. madkane says:

    Thanks Earlybird and Ms Pie!

  17. madkane says:

    Thanks Gautami! I enjoyed your power tool poem!