Dear Spring

Dear Spring
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Dear spring, you are late once again. 
Yet you claim that you’ve been here, since when?
Thirty days?  That can’t be:
It’s still cold out, you see.
And some sun would be nice, now and then.

Note: I feel almost guilty posting this, since yesterday’s weather was delightful.  But a couple of days ago, when Totally Optional Prompts prompted me to write it, it was unseasonably cold.

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8 Responses to “Dear Spring”

  1. It’s just like that here too!

  2. AnthonyNorth says:

    We’ve just had spring in the UK. Two days!

  3. paisley says:

    i know… i am sooo over it..

  4. Linda Jacobs says:

    We’ve had a week of unseasonably warm weather here in northern NH and I’m loving it! I like your limerick!

  5. Tumblewords says:

    Yep. It’s true. I’m wearing two sweatshirts and handwarmers this morning but there is no snow today! And that must mean something.

  6. And in Manchester, the weather’s much the same…

  7. We are supposed to get a warm day tomorrow, then it’s back to cold rain. At least the summer rain is warm(er).

  8. pauline says:

    love the letter to spring – the weather is playing tug of war here in Western MA, too