Pondering Pardons (Limerick)

Is the almost-ex-prez on the skids?
Will he pardon himself and his kids?
While we don’t know for sure,
Seems he’ll never abjure
Engaging in acts law forbids.

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One Response to “Pondering Pardons (Limerick)”

  1. Anthony McCarthy says:

    If the Supreme Court says Trump has the power to pardon himself, Biden should issue a preemptive pardon to members of his administration, they would be able to implement laws that the Supreme Court says are unconstitutional, including the laws passed to clean big money out of our politics. They will have opened up the entire history of Supreme Court rulings for flouting by presidents. And I do think five of the sitting members are stupid enough to do that on a partisan basis but once that crap is out of the tube, you can’t put it back.