Election Stress (Limerick)

Headline: “There’s Plenty To Stress Over In The ‘Anxiety Election'”

I’m nervous! I’m anxious! I’m stressed!
Leave the house? That entails getting dressed!
Pre-Election Day tension;
Fear, anger, dissension!
I might just pull a “Baldwin.” Need rest!

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2 Responses to “Election Stress (Limerick)”

  1. Jim Kimes says:

    Exponentially Offputting

    Hillary’s basket is not plateauing,
    Moreover, it appears to be growing;
    Deplorable or worse,
    Can’t be described in verse;
    But it’s enough to induce upthrowing.

  2. Jim Kimes says:

    Fake is Everywhere

    Her pleas, always hard to refuse,
    And yet they could be a sly ruse.
    Wask she lonely or sick?
    Or was it feline shtick?
    Oh, yes! I know now: ‘Twas fake mews.