Trump Pens Another Limerick

You’ve probably seen this Trump tweet:

The new Fake News narrative is that there is CHAOS in the White House. Wrong! People will always come & go, and I want strong dialogue before making a final decision. I still have some people that I want to change (always seeking perfection). There is no Chaos, only great Energy!

But I’ll bet you haven’t read his latest limerick:

All those stories of CHAOS are FAKE!
White House turn-over’s great! No mistake!
I’ve been seeking perfection
In staffer selection.
Claiming otherwise makes you a snake!

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One Response to “Trump Pens Another Limerick”

  1. chris says:

    Just found your site. Love it! I, too, write limericks about Trump and these crazy times. I send a “newsletter” to friends so we can try to stay sane. Here are a few limericks. Looking forward to your weekly Newsletter.

    Trump thinks rules don’t apply to him,
    or to loyalists he lets in.
    Security clearance?
    It’s just for appearance,
    so profits, his family can skim.

    All politicians lie,
    but Trump’s count is way too high.
    2,000 lies in a year,
    not counting his smears,
    it makes us want to cry.

    So why does the GOP enable,
    a man who’s clearly unstable.
    They pretend they’re shocked,
    but good ideas they block,
    and accept all of Trump’s crazy fables.

    There once was a general Flynn,
    that Trump’s inner circle let in.
    But Flynn’s been caught,
    and info he’s got,
    much to Trump’s chagrin.

    There once was a Gold Star designation,
    that is bestowed by a grateful nation.
    But Trump doesn’t care,
    and blows his hot air,
    treating families of fallen with indignation.

    The GOP is consumed by hate,
    trying to make things great.
    If Obama did something
    it must be a dumb thing,
    and they try like hell to negate.

    Trump knows most people can’t handle,
    concurrent crimes and scandals.
    So he piles it on,
    from dusk until dawn,
    like a nighttime crook and vandal.

    Trump feeds red meat to his base,
    at a never wavering pace.
    He pardoned Sheriff Joe,
    and said trans troops have to go,
    and the Constitution, he tries to erase.

    Health insurance you are not “losing,”
    instead the GOP protects “choosing.”
    Who cares what it costs,
    when freedoms are lost,
    so health care we won’t be using.

    Trump is driven by hatred and spite,
    and we all know that ain’t right.
    He is a troubled man,
    who does what he can,
    to hurt opponents, then take great delight.

    We have devolved into red and blue tribes,
    each with its own facts and scribes.
    Take Roy Moore for example,
    as one small sample,
    of how poisonous are the vibes.