Double Dactyl For Chris Christie

Have you noticed the new wave of stories about Chris Christie’s upcoming Iowa visit? This renewed coverage of Christie’s presidential aspirations gives me an excuse to post this non-limerick of mine, which I entered in the Style Invitational’s recent double dactyl contest:

Bridgery Fridgery,
Governor Christie is
Stuck in a scandal and
Can’t bridge the gap.

Oval-aimed dieting,
Hoping to run as a
Skinnier chap.

If you’re not familiar with the double dactyl, I summarize their rules here.

And, by the way, I lost. You can find the winners’ list here.

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2 Responses to “Double Dactyl For Chris Christie”

  1. zee alexi says:

    Poet John Hollander
    Invented a verse form that
    Required rhyme.

    Forming a canon of
    Versified stanzas
    Took some of his time.~~Jay Pasachoff (2013)

    Wowie…what schizo rules…you gotta follow all the regulations which takes longer than forever to land rhythm, rhyme scheme, 44 syllables, 3 lines in dactylic dimeter, 1 choriamb…huh? Mad’s on Gov Kristie Kreme hits bull’s eye! Double Dactyl for Boogedy-boogedy Edward Snowden:

    Let us crown him king.

    Analyst Ed Snowden
    Showed NSA’s big cache
    Let freedom ring.

    Altho Oliver Stone
    Calls Ed a star/hero
    Not to right wing.

  2. I have a rule that if I can’t write a bit of doggerel in five minutes I don’t do it. Though it’s tempting.

    About the critique of William Topaz McGonagall at the link, I subscribe to the theory that he was entirely aware that his verse was absurd and ridiculous and he wrote it so he could do those readings where people mocked and threw food at him. He made a living at it, how many poets of his time did that?