Those Sensitive Republicans (Limerick)

According to a Politico story, Republicans pols and staffers are being given remedial sensitivity training to avoid further Todd Akin-style gaffes and to contend with the party’s gender gap.

Those Sensitive Republicans
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Republicans, fearful of gaffes,
Are coaching both Congress and staffs
How to talk to a dame.
(Non-offense is their aim.)
How ’bout policy change, just for laughs?

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11 Responses to “Those Sensitive Republicans (Limerick)”

  1. Vonnie says:

    Thanks for validating the chuckles I chortled when I heard that story last night!

  2. jossina says:

    wow ! i am all for laughs. enjoyed it

  3. HA says:

    Policy change for laughs. Nice one. :-D

  4. Nice one, both damn funny, and not really funny at all!

  5. Pearl Ketover Prilik says:

    This is so targeted – hits the mark with absolute accuracy along with a smile and a laugh – you always manage to dance on the precise point and never falter in a single step :) Bravo !

  6. brian miller says:

    as if a change in policy will affect the dark nature…ha

  7. Anna :o] says:

    Oh well done – politicians do need this training I think…
    Anna :o]

  8. Cackle. That’s a great place to start!

  9. pea says:

    Must read about this. Sounds silly in this day and age, but it still happens!

  10. A good take on policies and politicians…

  11. Steve Bates says:

    OT, Happy Holidays, Mad!