Limerick Ode To Wayne LaPierre

The NRA’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has a grand solution to incidents like the Newtown massacre: Station armed guards at every school in the country. Sane people aren’t buying it.

Limerick Ode To Wayne LaPierre
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre
Is busy pretending to care
About kids who are dead
And the lives that were shred.
But his sole goal is one we can’t bear.

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4 Responses to “Limerick Ode To Wayne LaPierre”

  1. John Sardo says:

    The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre
    A school teacher’s worst nightmare
    Says guns will stop killing
    If only we’re all willing
    To carry loaded weapons everywhere.

  2. Hansi says:

    I wonder who’s gonna be paying for all them there armed staff, and their training, not to mention insurance…and lawsuits when someone accidentally shoots a student, that Mr Pee-air is wantin’? Raise taxes?

  3. Gerry Long says:

    Is what NRA needed to gain
    Not a man with a soul nor a brain?

    But a slick prostitute
    Who can raise lots of loot

    Could his name not be LaPierre, Wayne?

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments and verse!