TSA Rules Still Don’t Gel (Limerick)

This TSA incident surely takes the cake:

A woman says an airport security officer in Las Vegas confiscated her frosted cupcake because he thought the icing on it could be explosive.

It seems the TSA agent told her the cupcake’s “frosting was ‘gel-like’ enough to constitute a security risk.”

TSA Rules Still Don’t Gel (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The TSA rules must be eased
Cuz a cupcake in Vegas was seized.
And when icing on cakes
Is deemed fishy, it makes
All the TSA guys look diseased.

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3 Responses to “TSA Rules Still Don’t Gel (Limerick)”

  1. Steve Bates says:

    My goodness! For sanity’s sake!
    That TSA agent’s a flake!
    If he is advising
    We scrape off the icing,
    His crazy demand takes the cake!

    (Count this incident as reason #571428 why I no longer fly.)

  2. Bob Dinitto says:

    The TSA just doesn’t get it
    Icing on cakes shouldn’t sweat it
    Instead of ganache
    Causing airplanes to crash
    It makes passengers happy
    Don’t fret it

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks for your fun limericks Steve and Bob!