Go Away Already, Bushie Spinmeisters!

The Bush-Cheney spinmeisters refuse to go away. Last week it was Ari Fleischer, and this week it’s Dana Perino on CSPAN’s Washington Journal.

Perino actually said Bush should get some credit for last week’s stock market upswing. And she falsely claimed for the gazillionth time that Bush inherited a recession from Bill Clinton.

U.S. economy as of January 20, 2001. U.S. economy as of January 20, 2009. Exactly the same, right?

Sigh… It’s time for a limerick:

Go Away Already, Bushie Spinmeisters!
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Blame Barack when the stock market drops.
When it rises say Bush deserves props.
That’s Perino’s approach.
(Bush deserves no reproach.)
Yes, at double talk Dana is tops.

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6 Responses to “Go Away Already, Bushie Spinmeisters!”

  1. Michael Duffey says:

    There was once an MBA grad from Harvard
    turned the ecconomy into a junk yard
    idiot in cheif was he
    now I can’t afford
    apot into witch I can pee

  2. Tumblewords says:

    What part of truth, don’t THEY get? An ugly buncha pachyderms. Good job, limerickmaster.

  3. Perino can easily be understood in this economic downturn — she’s interviewing for her next job.

  4. Essaress says:

    Kane,…they are working hard on a pill or shot or…sumpin that will help you not be so Mad all time…Want me to send you the research (if I look for it and it actually exists that is)…or do you prefer to stay Mad???

    Poor little Dana, doesn’t know history, can’t see things directly in front of her or he direction of travel…
    I worry she may accidentally slip one day and start screaming at no-one…”George Bush touched me in the Oval
    Office and he giggled the entire time!!!”

    Or some such…

  5. And the Rethuglican re-writing of history continues.

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone! And Essaress, thanks for the offer. But it’s probably best if I stay Mad. :)