An Alpha-Political Farewell to Bush and Cheney

Back in 2004 I summed up George Bush’s first term in my Alpha Politics. So it seems only appropriate to do the same for the Bush-Cheney second term. (Most of the links point to one of my satirical posts on the topic.)

A is for Jack Abramoff who’s big in pay-to-play.

B’s for greedy bankers who have fleeced the USA.

C is for Sen. Craig who isn’t gay, except in bed.

D is for democracy which Dubya hasn’t spread.

E’s for the economy which George and Dick destroyed.

F’s for filibuster. You need merely say the “woid”.

G’s for Giuliani who is 9-1-1 obsessed.

H is for hypocrisy — the right-wing does it best.

I is for impeachment which Bush/Cheney sure deserve.

J’s for Joe The Plumber — right-wing symbol. What a nerve!

K is for Ms. Kennedy, the would-be New York Sen.

L is for Joe Lieberman, the worst of traitor men.

M’s for John McCain who zigged and zagged till he was hoarse.

N is for Ralph Nader who is still without remorse.

O is for O’Reilly — shuts up those who disagree.

P is for Gov. Palin who has “saved” the GOP.

Q is for the air quotes placed by John on mother’s “health.”

R is for recession — say goodbye to all your wealth.

S is for Gov. Spitzer. Prostitution did him in.

T is for the terrorists, now savoring their win.

U is for the USA, on life support right now.

V is for the victor. Prez Obama take a bow.

W’s for the White House left by Bush in disarray.

X is for the X’ing out of Bush regs any day.

Y’s for “Yes, we can,” Barack Obama’s sanguine creed.

And Z’s for right-wing zealots who methinks are off their feed.

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10 Responses to “An Alpha-Political Farewell to Bush and Cheney”

  1. Dr. Psycho says:

    If Larry Craig had only been gay in bed, he’d never have had a problem.

    It was his being gay in a public restroom that people had a problem with.

  2. Mark says:

    Actually, Larry Craig was a senator, not a Rep., but still funny. I never voted for him and he never did anything useful I can remember, but he did finally prove to be worthwhile. He has provided more latenight humor than any other senator I can remember.

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone. And thanks for the eagle-eye correction, Mark. I don’t know how I managed to make that error, but I’ve corrected it.

  4. I enjoyed this, despite not being familiar with all the names. It will be interesting to see what relationship George Brown has to Barack Obama. I doesn’t strike me as a ‘poodle’, but then Obama’s no Bush. I’m hopeful that he won’t disappoint in the way the Labour administration has done over here in the U.K.

  5. Val says:

    I would so love you to give an Alpha Politics dressing down for our fool lot here in Canada. Well done Mad, thanks for the grins.

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone! It was a fun post to write, though a lot more work than a limerick. :)

  7. Johanna Richmond says:

    Just came across this while perusing your blog, Mad — what a masterpiece!