Election ’08 Haiku

U.S. middle class
Nickel-and-dimed by George Bush.
Change way overdue.

(Inspired by this change prompt.  And speaking of prompts, there’s still  time to participate in my limerick and haiku prompt. Its theme is walking.)

UPDATE: I just remembered another haiku I wrote about change several months ago:

“People want change,”
Claim presidential candidates.
I’d prefer twenties.[tags]Middle Class Humor, Bush Presidency, Presidential Election, George Bush Haiku, Bush Economy[/tags]

11 Responses to “Election ’08 Haiku”

  1. spacedlaw says:

    I wondered if you would not do a political one…

  2. Sian says:

    I like the nickels and dimes, clever doubling up there.

  3. Andrée says:


    My change is here. Thank you.

    (and thank you again)

  4. Andrée says:

    gee, NOW i read everybody else’s Amens. And I thought I was being so witty!!!

  5. Paul says:

    middle class
    got he blues
    caused by Dubya.

  6. Those are both excellent!

  7. paisley says:

    over due… but is the lesser of two evils ever really worth it???? excellent haiku….

  8. LittleWing says:

    obama would definitely appreciate your 2st ‘ku, he’s all abt chg… yr update is timeless!!!

  9. Yolanda says:

    I loved this and so true.