Hysterical Lefty Bloggers Whine For Clinton To Leave Obama Alone

Predictably, the A-list lefty blog-calls for Hillary to get out of the presidential race have continued, notwithstanding last night’s Hillary Clinton wins. Any minute now, I half-expect to read that Hillary’s refusal to bow out is racist.

Of course, these hand-the-nomination-to-its-rightful-owner rants come from the same bloggers who insist that Obama isn’t sexist and that the media hasn’t been biased against Clinton. (Americablog is but one example and no, I will not link to it.)

Apparently, these bloggers can’t wait for the media to turn its biased dirty tricks on Obama.  Because that’s exactly what will happen if/when Clinton is out of the picture:

And that brings me to my latest limerick:

The press guys can’t wait to declare
That Clinton’s kaput on the air.
Then they’ll turn on Barack:
They’ll malign and they’ll mock
Him, the way they hit Hill’ry. Beware![tags]Presidential Politics, Lefty Bloggers, Press Bias, Media Sexism, Racist Accusations, Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, Media Humor[/tags]

11 Responses to “Hysterical Lefty Bloggers Whine For Clinton To Leave Obama Alone”

  1. Gryphen says:

    I respectfully disagree Madam.

    Hillary is using cheap Republican tactics to win and therefore is undeserving of the nomination. If this same pathetic crap keeps working it will keep being used.

    I don’t know about you, but I would love to get through an election cycle where somebody did not try to scare my children or insult my intelligence.

  2. Well rhymed.

    Gryphen, you’re seeing through some very Obama-colored glasses. We Clinton supporters have had our intelligence insulted by the Obama campaign since at least last June. Hillary endured months of cheap shots from Obama (and others); why weren’t you calling the Obama campaign out on its tactics when it invite Republicans to be a Democrat for a day, or circulated (D)-Punjab oppo documents on Hillary, or accusing Hillary of every character flaw known to politics without evidience or basis?

    The double-standards and vitriol of the lefty Obama cult will come home to roost. Let’s just hope that Hillary keeps it up so that it happens -before- he gets the nomination. I really would prefer to not ever have to say President McCain out loud; that would be nominee Obama’s gift to the Republicans who caucused for him.

  3. alexei says:

    “I respectfully disagree with you sir/madam “(attributed to Gryphen). Barack “is using cheap Republican tactics to win” (attributed to Gryphen) such as Harry and Louise lying mailers on her healthcare program, his lying to Ohio and other midwest states on his NAFTA positions and what she said about NAFTA (was still quoting a newspaper article that called him out on his lie), his playing the race card and painting the Clintons as racist (Wilentz throughly outlined this) and his cynical campaign that he brings a new kind of politics when obviously it it just the dirtiest (Chicago style). He also is like GWB with his petulance and running away from press conferences when tough questions are being asked.

    National security is an important issue and it is one that should be raised. Obama has no experience in this area and has made several “bone-headed” (attributed to Obama) misstatements such as “bombing Pakistan on actionable intelligence” (paraphrase attributed to Obama).

    Unlike Obama, I do try to attribute phrases, thoughts, words,etc. to the person that used them.

  4. “Hillary is using cheap Republican tactics.”

    Obama’s ‘Harry and Louise’ ads to attack universal healthcare was the cheapest of cheap Republican tactics.

    I thought Obama was so bi-partisan. I thought Daily Kult and the others hated the DLC. So why all these calls for Democratic Party unity now? Where were the calls for party unity when Jesse Jackson Jr. said Hillary didn’t care about Katrina?

    And why did Ted Kennedy stick his nose in to pass the ‘Kennedy’ legacy on to one candidate over the other? That’s Ted Kennedy, who helped elect Reagan by ambushing Jimmy Carter in the primary–even with drunken manslaughter and vehicular homicide still hanging over Teddy’s head.

  5. Fierce Pika says:

    I think we can agree that both sides have used some pretty nasty tactics. Nobody’s clean on that score (um, banner ad making Obama blacker with wider features?!!).

    What gets my goat is Penn saying that the states Obama wins are “insignificant” (THAT oughtta go over well in the general, particularly in crucial states like VA, MO, and CO), of spinning which states are “big” or “important,” of Ickes saying yesterday that pledged delegates are open to be poached, of Hillary insisting that MI’s delegates should be seated as is, despite that Obama wasn’t even on the ballot. And so on. This is not just the usual politics of fighting dirty in order to undermine one’s opponent–it’s the complete contempt for the process and the voters who swing Obama’s way. Who are the ones being petulant, really? I don’t think Hillary should bow out, but I do think her campaign should stop that sort of nonsense, because they’re going to have to win two or more of those battleground states in order to win in the general, and in order to pass the legislation she wants, she needs a bigger Dem majority. All of this requires the 50 state strategy that Obama’s been good at and Dean espouses, not the “firewall” or whatever approach clearly favored by Clinton. I want results, not revenge (well, okay I want revenge, too, but we can’t get it without results). They need swing voters for this, and swing voters do not appreciate haughty, arrogant references to “insignificance.”

    I think it’s fair to take Obama to task on his lack of experience. But frankly, Hillary’s “experience” is totally trumped up: she never had a security clearance, and she made the wrong decision on Iraq–her vote wasn’t just about actionable intelligence, it was about voting for war authorization when it was patently clear at the time that Bush was itching for war. This makes her either a fool or a liar. If it’s legit to bring up security and experience, let’s get real about this.

  6. Jan says:

    How quickly forget that politics is war by other means. This isn’t the nastiest race ever and thanks to our media, it as usual, has it’s biases that we see as we please. I just wish when people point out that Hillary wanted to change the rules for MI and FL that they would admit that Obama wants to change the rules for the super delegates and guilt them to change their minds. Rules should be rules–listen to Howard Dean! Everyone lauds Obama for his judgement on the war. Good for him I agreed with him and was disappointed in Hillary’s vote. However and this is a BIG however. Obama’s speech was totally untempered by the pressure of office, it was a speech not a vote. His record seems to indicate that he is unwilling to stick that long neck out and take a risk. I really doubt that he would have had the courage to vote the conviction of his mouth.
    I think this race is symbolic of the last 8 or 16 years, however you want to frame it, that Americans prefer to be nasty to each other rather than to have an adult rational discussions and come up with workable sollutions.
    We would all rather blame each other than admit each of us could do more or do it better or that we have made mistakes.
    We need to get over ourselves.

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  10. Josh says:

    Fun site. Lots to get riled up about in this election year.

    Here’s some political satire to take the edge off…

    McCain Plays AARP Card

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