Bob Woodward, Born Again Journalist

Bob Woodward, Born Again Journalist
By Madeleine Begun Kane

State of Denial’s
Bob Woodward’s new book.
At long last he’s onto
Those devious crooks.

It neatly compiles
Much dirt on George Bush.
How nice that Bob Woodward’s
Stopped kissing Dub’s tush.

(My political poems are collected here.)
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4 Responses to “Bob Woodward, Born Again Journalist”

  1. Paul Barwick says:

    Perhaps you might appreciate my first try at politcal poetry:

    Congressman Foley sure likes boys.
    He treats them like his personal toys.
    He saw the towheaded page.
    Thought “Ah, the perfect age.”

    The suspicions he cinches
    by asking “How many inches?”
    One boy thought it sick
    that the old guy wanted his dick.

    GOP leadership can overlook the sin
    as long as Foley brings them a win.
    “Just so long as you help us win in November
    we don’t care what you do with your ‘congressional member’.”

    A gift to the Demos, served on a platter,
    is all his talk of seminal splatter.
    The results of this Florida election
    are sure to ride on Mark Foley’s erection.

  2. blogenfreude says:

    He’s rejoined the Reality Based Community™ – welcome back Bob!

  3. madkane says:

    Welcome to the world of political verse, Paul!

  4. newbroom says:

    Bob’s a whore.
    Why didn’t he tell us
    what he knew, before?

    Oh! Look!
    Bob’s got a new book!
    read it and weep…
    read it and weep.