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Limerick Passion

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Poetry Jaam prompts us to write about love or passion. I almost took a pass on this prompt, because I don’t like writing (or reading) mushy stuff. (Hubby Mark is our household’s designated mush-meister.) But instead of skipping it altogether, I came up with this:

Limerick Passion
By Madeleine Begun Kane

About lim’ricks, I truly have passion,
And I guess that is love, in a fashion.
Cuz to me, rhyme’s like breathing—
Without it, I’m seething.
Have compassion — don’t ask me to ration.

Haunted By Haiku

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Warning to those here for their daily dose of “funny.” Most of these aren’t. Sorry!

My passionate hunt
for humor in the mundane—
a chastening quest.


Vulgar temptation
haunts, tantalizes, prevails—
beats dainty retreat.


Passionate and raw
feelings too painful to root
escape on breached wings.


Integrity fights
a war against temptation—
battles to a draw.


A thought tempts, glimmers,
says “explore me,” then wings off—
never to return.


Marching to the beat
of your own drum may work best
in solo parades.


To those who ask me
how I remember my verse—
that’s what blogs are for.


Thanks to these prompts for their inspiration: Carry On Tuesday, Haiku Heights, Haiku Wednesday, LoL Prompts, One Single Impression, Poetic Asides, Sunday Scribblings, and Three Word Wednesday.