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Acrostic Limerick Ode To Chubby Checker

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Happy birthday to Chubby Checker! The father of the twist (my favorite dance) was born October 3, 1941.

I thought I’d celebrate with an acrostic limerick, which is as mind-bending as the twist is body-bending:

Acrostic Limerick Ode To Chubby Checker
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There’s a dance with a hot checkered past.
We grooved on its moves — whirling fast!
I still do it today,
Shifting weight, as I sway–
Twirling waist motion, saucily cast.

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s an acrostic limerick?” here’s some info:

In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line should, taken together, spell out the topic of your poem. Please note that it’s NOT enough to spell out a word; Your limerick or other poem must describe or otherwise directly relate to that word.