4Comedy.com Is A Content Thief (Another Update)

4Comedy.com keeps publishing my blog posts without permission and ignores my requests (via attempted comment posts) to remove my material  and stop stealing my humor posts.  Right now dozens of my posts are at that site, mostly in a section labeled Limericks. 

Perhaps this will get 4Comedy.com’s attention.  STOP STEALING MY HUMOR POSTS AND REMOVE MY POSTS FROM YOUR SITE! 

UPDATE: Ha! Ha! Ha!  The thieves even stole this post!!!  Their theft is clearly automated:  Here’s their repoduced copy of this post: http://4comedy.com/?p=463  (I’m deliberately not linking to them, so you’ll have to copy/paste to see it.)

I wonder if an actual person will notice it and remove it.

UPDATE 2: My updated  post appeared on 4comedy.com as a second post.  Does that mean that this second update will trigger a third post there? Stand by and I’ll report back.

UPDATE 3: So far, this post hasn’t been stolen for a third time.  Is 4comedy.com’s bot slacking off?  Human intervention, perhaps?  I don’t think so, because the first two versions are still on 4comedy.com’s front page.  Surely a human would notice and remove posts accusing the site of stealing content.  Stay tuned for further reports about 4comedy.com’s copyright infringement of my posts.

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4 Responses to “4Comedy.com Is A Content Thief (Another Update)”

  1. sigg says:

    Congratulations, you’ve made 4Comedy.com very funny with this post.

    What it tells me is that 4Comedy is just an advertising billboard with no real interest in comedy. The only good thing is that your name is at least attached to your work, though I strongly suspect that’s only because of how you introduce your work.

  2. markbnj says:


    I see, I would be mad too!

    I will see where I stashed the link (I have a laptop and 5 active PC’s I use in the house…and the bookmarks aren’t syncronized-augh)

    there is a content copyright infringment search service I bookmarked, will send as soon as I come across it

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks sigg. You’re right about it just being up there for advertising. The problem is that all this duplicate content can cause search engine problems. And just as a matter of principle I don’t want my material stolen, even if it attributes the content to me. I’ll tell you one thing. I am not through with them — not by a long shot.

    And thanks markbnj. That link sounds interesting. However, it’s easy to track down this particular site’s infringements, because they also stole my categories, so I can tell which categories to click on (like limericks) and find my stolen material.

  4. […] Last week when I was bitching about 4Comedy.com’s stealing my humor blog’s content, I had no idea I was dealing with a “feed scraper” site. All I knew was that I was being ripped off — every time I posted in this humor blog, my entire post appeared on 4Comedy.com within minutes.  Needless to say, I was a very pissed off blogger. […]