Limerick Ode To Roger Ailes

Among the many lies told about Obama, is the well-debunked myth that he’s “lazy.” Sorry Roger Ailes, but you’re apparently confusing Obama with his predecessor.

Limerick Ode To Roger Ailes
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Roger Ailes says Obama is “lazy.”
Dear Roger, your memory’s hazy:
He’s vacationed way less
Than the fellow whose mess
He’s been fixing. You’re racist, or crazy.

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3 Responses to “Limerick Ode To Roger Ailes”

  1. I’d say “You’re racist and crazy,” myself, especially considering how wonderfully they fact-check at FOX “news”. Not that the rest of the media will ever call FOX on that, not much. Lazy pretty much characterizes the American media in the Murdoch-Ailes error.

  2. Hansi says:

    Lazy, a black president. I vote for racist! Or, crazy, like a Fox.

  3. zee alexi says:

    Your Ailes limerick is as good as your Morris one: “That’s ONE Dick Gone”

    Jon Stewart has routine Fox tape either contradicting Fox staffer or showing evidence of tape tampering [using different season’s background to claim more attendees at Fox events]. Eyeballing Internet, here’s some of what ails Roger:

    Ailes bought 2 newspapers in 2008 in Philipstown, NY, 60 miles north of Manhattan [147-year-old Putnam Cty News & Recorder & Putnam Cty Courier that his wife, Eliz, runs. The local sheriff routinely details deputies to provide security for Ailes when he attends public events in Putnam Cty.

    Ailes $22.7-million salary from Faux News last yr wasn’t enough to keep him from starting shitfights in tiny burgs. Ailes had former editor John Lindsley & 2 reporters followed after suspecting they were bad-mouthing him during their lunch breaks. He fired the trio. There was a time when journalists feared not getting the story more than they feared losing their jobs.

    The gawker called Ailes “Vindictive troll.” Manure Spreader. Hirer of Beck & Palin. He mocked CNN’s Soledad O’Brien as the anchor “named after a prison.”

    Bob Woodward has 13-min recording of Fox Noise’s nat’l security analyst KT McFarland [it has an analyst?]’s message from Ailes to Gen. Petraeus: “Roger Ailes wanted him to run for president.” Mudslinging ain’t enough for Ailes~~he wants to control prez candidate & have Fox lead him [never her] to victory [w/Rove/Koch-&-Friends’ $] so they both can run the country. In handwritten note, Ailes offered to give Condoleezza Rice “off-the-record advice” in a 2005 letter…she rejected.

    “Gingrich is a sore loser & if he had won he would have been a sore winner,” Ailes said. “Newt’s a prick.” [VF, Apr 2013] Ex-Fox employee Newt’s reply, ”We’re fine. We don’t have a personality fight,” Gingrich told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Newt’s turning 70~~a millionaire~~nobody wants him on air; wonder why he’s petrified of blasting Ailes. News Corpse.

    Ailes w/holster~~”convinced that he has personally been targeted by Al Qaeda for assassination” & reported that he “surrounds himself w/an aggressive security detail & is licensed to carry a concealed handgun.”~~ Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone

    W/skin that thin, you’d think he’d be a little smaller.