Limerick Ode To Anthony Weiner

Needless to say, I’m disappointed in Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

Limerick Ode To Anthony Weiner
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Seems a lib’ral I favor, Rep. Weiner
Has committed a dumb misdemeanor.
Then he lied in the hope
He could fool us — the dope.
Progressives, our team just got leaner.


19 Responses to “Limerick Ode To Anthony Weiner”

  1. David Giles says:

    A Democrat never resigns,
    No matter how his hand catches behinds,
    With a Republican its whether
    to use both tar or just feather
    As liberals scream for blood for such crimes.

  2. Peregrin says:

    David, Bill Maher sez you’re fulla sh*t.

  3. Hansi says:

    I liked Anthony Weiner. Good politician, dumb shit!

  4. madkane says:

    Hansi, that about sums it up. (:

  5. Steve Bates says:

    I pity poor Anthony Weiner:
    It’s not that there’s no one obscener
    In Congress. Sen. Vitter?
    Career’s in the sh***er?
    No way! If they’d keep their tweets cleaner…

  6. madkane says:

    LOL! Steve, I like it. By the way, Weiner sure isn’t gonna be helped by this Transcript of a series of Facebook chats between Weiner and Las Vegas Blackjack Dealer Lisa Weiss.

  7. Steve Bates says:

    We live in an era more puritanical than the Puritans, and Democrats seem all too willing to play by Republicans’ rules. I mean, really… WTF is Nancy Pelosi doing, calling for an ethics investigation of Weiner? We might as well just arrange the Democratic caucus in a circle and pass out pistols…

    Weiner no doubt understands this, and for whatever reason, was willing to take his chances by messing around anyway. Either, as people all say, he was not very smart… or maybe, as I tend to believe, he simply wasn’t interested in playing by Republican rules. Note that those same Republican rules have allowed David Vitter to stay in the Senate several years after his call-girl diaper transgressions. IOKIYAR. Maybe Weiner just got tired of abiding by that acronym.

  8. madkane says:

    Steve, I have to part company with you on this: I don’t think Weiner was being rebellious. I think he was being a stupid, careless, horny-dog guy who was too arrogant to worry about the potential consequences to the very causes he fought so hard for. And I say this as someone who thought extremely highly of him.

  9. Steve Bates says:

    Fair enough, Mad, and in today’s American political world, fractured as it is, you are undoubtedly right from a practical standpoint. But as long as Democrats continue to throw Democrats under the bus while Republicans also throw Democrats under the bus, we are giving Republicans free access to a powerful weapon, one that has little if anything to do with good government.

  10. madkane says:

    Steve, that’s true. It seems to be a quandary with no solution short of stooping to the Republicans’ level, which I hate like hell to embrace.

    By the way, ironically I’m much angrier at Weiner than I’d be at most Dems. Why? Because he was much more valuable to progressive causes than most Dems. So rendering himself ineffective was much more damaging than it would be if the average-Joe Dem screwed up in this fashion.

  11. Observer says:

    Nobody should really be awed
    To learn that A. Weiner is flawed
    But he crossed the line
    And now should resign
    So we can all stand and applaud.

  12. madkane says:

    I enjoyed your verse Observer.

  13. Observer says:

    A. Weiner exposed a short coming
    By carelessly showing his plumbing
    And some say his staff
    Engendered a laugh
    As he takes a well-deserved drumming.

  14. madkane says:

    Another fun one, Observer.

  15. jesius says:

    The congressman never had seen her
    But he got the idea he would tweeter
    So he stripped off his clothes
    Then he snapped a quick pose
    And she got a good look at A. Weiner

  16. madkane says:

    Thanks for your verse jesius!

  17. Stuart Stevens says:

    The Gotham congressman favored a tweet
    To showcase the state of his meat
    But the weiners I’ve seen
    both Kosher and unclean
    Are seldom a sumptuous treat

  18. Rosalie Hashimoto says:

    Amusing how when people in politics misinform to get into wars go unnoticed while Weiner among others with private issues are forced to resign. In cases like this the only real victim was his wife while 1000s of troops have died abroad in wars we should not be in.

  19. madkane says:

    Thanks for your limerick Stuart and your insightful comment Rosalie.