Independence Day Ode (Limerick)

Americans gaze at the sky
On a hot, muggy 4th of July,
Watching fireworks flash
At a flag-waving bash.
Others catch forty winks on the sly.

July 2014 Update: My original “line five” back when wrote this in 2010 was:

“A brief respite from life gone awry.”

But I’ve decided that it’s too depressing, so I changed it to:

“Some even pretend that they’re high.”

But a few hours later I changed it yet again to:

“Others catch forty winks on the sly.”

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4 Responses to “Independence Day Ode (Limerick)”

  1. jesse levy says:

    For what the whole thing is worth
    This country gave me my birth
    Here’s to you U.S.
    You made me a mess
    By steadily increasing my girth.

  2. Realist says:

    There’s one thing I don’t understand
    Where’s the cleanup most folks would demand?
    Oh, say! Can you see?
    We’re controlled by BP!
    All that oil is their line in the sand.

    So cross that line, and it is plain
    You might not be seen here e’er again!
    Does a Felony Class D
    Get you sent ‘cross the sea
    to an exile in which you’ll remain?

    Our nation, so often storm-tossed
    Is now to be seen, sadly, lost.
    Its shroud tightly sewn,
    Betrayed by our own;
    Thirty pieces of silver it cost.

  3. Amanda Moore says:

    There once was a small group of folk

    They believe that Freedom was no Joke

    So they sailed far away

    They were willing to pay

    For these freedoms the fire was stoked
    So the reason for fighting was quite clear

    They all had ideals that were so dear

    Yes their freedoms had worth

    Gave this country its Birth

    On their tongues saying “Freedom” you’ll hear!

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks for your limericks Jesse, Realist, and Amanda!