Ode To Mark Krikorian

The National Review’s Mark Krikorian is having problems with Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s name. Apparently, its pronunciation doesn’t sufficiently conform to Krikorian’s Anglo standards. So what’s his solution? He pronounces it any old way he feels like it. And he thinks the rest of us should do the same.

Krikorian argued that the proper pronunciation, preferred by the judge and her family, is “unnatural in English,” and “something we shouldn’t be giving in to.” It wasn’t clear which group of people constituted “we.”

Krikorian added that “newcomers” should “adapt” to how “countrymen say your name.” To do otherwise would be a failure of “multiculturalism.” He knows how to pronounce the Supreme Court nominee’s name, but he doesn’t like it, and would like others to join him in pronouncing it incorrectly.

After catching some well-deserved flack about these comments, Krikorian further embarrassed himself with this:

While in the past there may well have been too much social pressure for what sociologists call Anglo-conformity, now there isn’t enough. I think that’s a concern that most Americans share at some level, which is the root of the angst over excessive immigration, bilingual education, official English, etc.

If anyone deserves a limerick, it’s Mark Krikorian:

Ode To Mark Krikorian
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Pronouncing some names can be tough.
When they’re foreign they’re weird and they’re rough.
Yes, Krikorian’s right.
Krik, they’re really a blight.
So one syllable’s surely enough.

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8 Responses to “Ode To Mark Krikorian”

  1. Woody says:

    In Little Saigon, would this be known as the “Ngo-Ngyuen” situation?

  2. Linkmeister says:

    Heh. From Hawaiian:

    Man: Kane
    Pronounced: “kah-nay”

  3. madkane says:

    Haha! “kah-nay” I love it!

  4. Linkmeister says:

    Woman: Wahine
    Pronounced: “wah-hee-nay”

  5. Steve Nance says:

    Oye, Krik: “SotomaYOR”
    Se pronuncia mucho mejor
    Cundo acentuada
    En la ultima silaba;
    !Aprendase algo, Senor!

    (Work it out, Krik. Your brain could use the exercise. Consider the “Anglo” character set as an additional challenge.)

  6. Ron says:

    Better late than never. Would you agree?

    There once was a fellow named Krik
    Was about as bright as a brick
    He was out of tune
    Talked like a buffoon
    And just came across like a prick

  7. madkane says:

    Absolutely, Ron.