Ben Nelson, DINO … Or Dinosaur?

If you didn’t know Sen. Ben Nelson’s a Democrat, you’d swear he’s a conservative Republican. And that’s why the fantasy of a Frankenized, filibuster-proof Senate is ludicrous.

Ben Nelson, DINO … Or Dinosaur?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

From Nebraska comes Senator Ben,
A Dem with an anti-Dem yen —
Makes Connecticut Joe
Seem a liberal bro,
And Arlen, a prince among men.

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One Response to “Ben Nelson, DINO … Or Dinosaur?”

  1. janice ward says:

    When I listen to Bill Nelson, it is clear that his only source of information is the corporate media. If we did a statistical study, we would find all of the most ignorant people in this country do not have access to progressive media and the first thing people need to learn is that National Public Radio is not progressive. I do not feel that the people that live with progressive media get the fact there are places in this country where there is nothing but conservative talk. I have to have satalite radio to know anything.