Laughing Matters

Every so often, one of my essays ends up in a college textbook. It’s a delightful honor, of course. But I’m always just a bit freaked out by the thought of someone writing an essay analyzing one of my essays.

My latest textbook appearance is in Laughing Matters, a “comic rhetoric” textbook by Stanford University’s Marvin Diogenes. It’s a great book, and I’m really proud to have a humor column (actually a satirical music lesson contract between parents and child) included in the “forensic rhetoric” section, along with pieces by Chekhov, Benjamin Franklin, and Ian Frazier.

And happily, it’s NOT a what-not-to-do example.

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One Response to “Laughing Matters”

  1. anymn tarde says:

    Yes, I agree laughing matters.

    Do you laught at your own material. I do, and that is why, like you,
    I write satire rather than do standup. Red Skeleton, was the last entertaining who could get away at laughing at his own jokes.

    Check out banana news (
    Maybe we can link websights if you are interested.
    You seem to have a wider range of material and styles-than me.

    I am good at one style-which has won awards–but I could not, like you,
    then write poetry.

    Good luck its a good website