Does Sarah Palin Even Know What “Intellectual” Means?

It’s hard to believe, but Sarah Palin told People Magazine that she’s an “intellectual.” Sorry, Governor Palin, but I’ve known some intellectuals, and you ain’t no intellectual:

Does Sarah Palin Even Know What Intellectual Means?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Gov. Palin’s astonishing claim?
She’s a smart, “intellectual” dame.
That gal may be bright
And quite tough in a fight,
But her intellect’s woefully lame.

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2 Responses to “Does Sarah Palin Even Know What “Intellectual” Means?”

  1. You know all the woman hatred you show on this blog only tells us a lot about you and your relations with other women. Better if you stopped worshiping the giant prick who whispers BS to your mind. Take off the blindfold, stop pimping off women for your man and take a serious look at the males who are in control and have more than demonstrated their misogyny.

  2. MadKane, I like your poem!


    Giving an honest assessment about another woman is not a sign of misogyny. It would be misogynous if MadKane had said Spalin was not an intellectual because she was a woman. MadKane said Spalin wasn’t an intellectual because maybe
    Spalin doesn’t know what a VP’s job is.

    Picking up and naming a book in People Magazine doesn’t make one an intellectual, no matter how much nerd starf**kers such as Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes wish it were so.

    I will give Spalin the compliment of an oily savviness in her ability to throw out insults to Barack Obama while ignoring her own vulnerabilities on the campaign trail (e.g. pretending she wasn’t found guilty of abusing her power in the Troopergate fiasco

    But if Spalin is an intellectual, then the deranged McCain staffer Ashley Todd is in line to win a Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.