McCain’s Memory Purge

While Congress is caught up in the Wall Street bail-out proposal, the presidential candidates are preparing for Friday’s foreign policy debate. What will McCain focus on … after boning up on Spain’s location? Working his surge-centric attack on Obama’s judgment into every answer, no matter what the question:

McCain’s Memory Purge
By Madeleine Begun kane

Please beware of McCain’s mem’ry purge.
He was wrong on Iraq, so this scourge
Proves his judgment was poor.
He cheer-led the war
Which did not get its start with the surge.[tags]Campaign Satire, Election Humor, Presidential Debates, Foreign Policy Humor, McCain Limerick, Iraq War, Judgment Humor, Surge Poem[/tags]

One Response to “McCain’s Memory Purge”

  1. paul says:

    That is just dumb. Try a little harder to at least be creative. Same old simple complaint and argument from the left.

    by Paul…

    It seems the truth is again out,
    Law school does not provide clout.
    For when one is a fool
    They spew like a tool
    and support simple themes like a lout

    It never amazes me – humanity is hilariously similar to sheep…