Palin Panic

Palin Panic
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Obama’s campaign sure is fraying,
And the numbers are very dismaying.
If they don’t turn around,
You may soon hear this sound:
Dem agnostics and atheists praying.[tags]Governor Palin, Campaign Satire, Election Humor, Obama Limerick, John McCain, Agnostics Verse, Atheist Poem, Religion Humor[/tags]

One Response to “Palin Panic”

  1. Of course, I love your humor and visit often. I have been using limericks to document the history of the George Bush Administration and publish them at Lefty Limericks by R. Wiley.

    an alaskan governor, named sarah
    said, choose me mr. mccain, i dare ya
    tho my daughter’s knocked up
    i could be vice prez, yup
    all it will take is a little mascara

    I hope you visit my blog.

    Rick Wiley