Bellicose Bush

I’ve finally figured out George Dubya’s philosophy: If you can’t solve a problem, make it bigger:

Bellicose Bush
By Madeleine Begun Kane

If you can’t solve a problem, expand it.
Demand an enlargement. Command it.
What else could explain
Dubya’s bellicose reign
Of great terror and shame? Please disband it. 


And now some links, for your reading (and viewing) pleasure:
* My good pal Lisa Casey, producer of the outstanding political comedy website, gets cease and desist letter from Joe Scarborough, and posts an open letter to Joe Scarborough in response.
* Body Language Experts: Bush Was Hostage In ‘Surge’ Speech (the always witty Don Davis)
* Bush, Putting It On The Line (The Daily Show, courtesy of OneGoodMove)
* “Don’t let faux klingons send real americans to war. it’s wrong.” (Video clip courtesy of Skippy)
* Avedon Carol has the goods on Edwards’ antiwar speech.
* I have a plan for bringing Terri Schiavo back from the dead.
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8 Responses to “Bellicose Bush”

  1. elaine says:

    These guys took it one step further and sang a song about it…it’s like an impeachment carol.

    Democrats, don’t be a bunch of…



  2. newbroom says:

    there once was a little man with a small vocabulary,
    he had the urge to purge the scourge with a surge
    the lout had no doubt he had the clout
    too bad, we’ve all been had, in Baghdad,

  3. Deadeye Dick Cheney says:

    A fraudulent President named Bush,
    Flew us into Iraq with a WHOOSH.
    To pour gas on the fire,
    He’ll surge into quagmire.
    Does this man have his head up his tush?

  4. apple pie says:

    There once was a laddy from Dallas
    who drank in his Daddy’s palace.
    Then came the oil,
    his end to toil,
    and turned us all into an ass.

  5. the skwib says:

    The Carnival of Satire (#62)…

    Welcome to The Carnival of Satire. This week our satirists tackle politics, technology and the gastro-intestinal track. Yep, just another day at The Skwib. We hope you enjoy it.
    Mad Kane’s Political Madness has political poetry to start us o…

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  7. mr_alleycat says:

    There’s a partying goat ropin lad
    Who rode in on the tail of his dad
    Was prince of the realm
    Now asleep at the helm
    We’re paying the price in Baghdad

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