Dear Peggy

It’s always embarrassing for me to admit this, but Peggy Noonan and I  went to the same high school —  Massapequa High School on Long Island, New York. (I didn’t know her, though. Or if I did, I don’t remember her.)

As a sister Massapequan, I like to write Peggy Noonan the occasional poem.  Today’s verse was inspired by this Peggy Noonan Wall Street Journal column, as dissected by Eric Boehlert in Media Matters.

Dear Peggy
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Peg’s practicing projection
As the wingnuts often do.
Noonan’s accusations
Versus Dems come right on cue.

Conservatives are civil?
And the Dems would stop dissent?
Peggy, it’s your allies
Who would discourse circumvent.

My Peggy Noonan haiku is here, and my post about the many famous Massapequans (Jerry Seinfeld, the Baldwin brothers, etc.) is here.[tags]Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, Massapequa High School, Massapequans, Media Matters, Projection, Dissent, Civil Discourse, Jerry Seinfeld, Baldwin Brothers[/tags]

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  1. Steve M. says:

    Hey, great to meet you, too!