Hot Limerick

I hope you’ll join me in writing a limerick with this first line:

On a hot, muggy day in July…

Here’s mine:

Hot Limerick
By Madeleine Begun Kane

On a hot, muggy day in July
Our A/C decided to die.
I phoned for a fix
And received a firm nix:
“It is too hot to work. We might fry”

Please feel free to write your own limerick using the same first line and post it in my comments. And if you’re on Facebook, I hope you’ll join my friends in that same activity in my Limerick-Offs.

Update: Air Conditioning Appreciation days run from July 3 to August 15.

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22 Responses to “Hot Limerick”

  1. Elisson says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July
    Some eggs I decided to fry.
    So I marked off with chalk
    A nice spot of sidewalk
    Where my omelette, though well-cooked, was dry.

  2. Peter Metrinko says:

    On a muggy hot day in July
    Our picnic was buzzed by a fly
    I swatted and missed
    Which caused me to list
    And fall in the blueberry pie

  3. On a hot muggy day in July
    Republicans kept telling more lies.
    We can no longer spend
    On social programs
    The wars will get jealous, oh my!

  4. Debby S says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July,
    A snoring man swallowed a fly
    He woke up because
    He’d become the new ‘buzz’
    And was craving some ‘shoofly’ pie!

  5. Marla says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July
    A woman was loosening his necktie
    When in walked his mother
    Who glared at his lover
    And said, “Not before marriage, Rabbi!”

  6. K Bhattacharya says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July
    Into the beer landed a housefly
    He took a sip
    While in the dip
    Until evicted by the boozer guy!

  7. Amanda Moore says:

    On a hot muggy day in July

    I got out of bed wondering why

    It is too hot to play

    On this hot humid day

    so its back off to bed so says I!

  8. Veralynne says:

    On a hot muggy day in July,
    A naked man strode by.
    Hands in his pockets,
    Eyes wide in their sockets
    He was squinting, we couldn’t see his eye.

    As if this weren’t the best
    A dead dog bit him on the chest
    Cold water did scald him
    All beauty appalled him
    And he stood on a trampoline to rest.

    It’s clearly a crazy Bizarro World we inhabit
    Truth hides–when we find it, we grab it
    The Powers That Be twist what they say
    It’s obfuscation and confusion at play
    They take our American heart and they stab it.

    Politicians, corporations and media play a game
    Is it “Fool All the People All the Time” by name?
    “To Tell the Truth” or “Who Do You Trust?”
    Our cracked Liberty Bell has turned to rust
    For We, the People, it’s a cryin’ shame.

  9. dancinfool says:

    On a hot muggy day in July
    I asked again BP, “Well, why?”
    They answered that “Well”
    Is the “why.” Thus we smell
    Dead fish, birds, and beaches. Good-bye.

  10. Jesse Levy says:

    On a hot muggy day in July
    It was so hot I thought I’d die
    But then came the gloom
    I remembered, it’s June
    And the tear dried up in my eye

    (In LA we have something called June Gloom)

  11. madkane says:

    Thanks! These limericks are making me … uh … hot. :)

    I look forward to many more!

  12. Patrice of the ManyCats says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July
    She succumbed to a craving for pie
    Now curled up on her stomach
    (Such heaving! How dumb; ick!)
    Next time pass, on that Pie in the Sky…

  13. Steve Vitoff says:

    1. On a hot, muggy day in July
    My shorts stick to the back of my thigh
    As I long for A/C
    The humidity
    Makes me go buy an Eskimo Pie

    2. On a hot, muggy day in July
    Upon sidewalks an egg you could fry
    You work up a schvitz
    As the temperature hits
    A number uncomfortably high

    3. On a hot, muggy day in July
    With the sun beating down from the sky
    I think Al Gore’s right
    We have set Earth alight
    Reverse this fate? We all must try

  14. Jesse Levy says:

    On a hot muggy day in July
    I decided it was time to die
    I jumped from the roof
    But made a big goof
    When I landed on a really fat guy.

  15. On a hot, muggy day in July….
    A tear came to my tender eye…
    I saw a young fellow
    With complexion so yellow
    “Name’s John Diced” he said with a sigh…

  16. Amanda Moore says:

    “On a hot muggy day in July”

    I kissed my young hubby goodbye

    I thought you should know

    I don’t want you to go

    I told him as I started to cry!

  17. Jeff says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July
    I thought, “How am I gonna get by?”
    I’m in trouble by heck
    With no unemployment check
    And the Senate don’t care if I die.

    So I needed to find me some dough
    But my government moves way too slow
    Now my money’s all spent
    Nothing left to pay rent
    And each Senator’s like Dr. No.

    The sun left us and then came the night
    And I hadn’t so much as a light
    So I drove to the park
    Where I sat in the dark
    And thought this is what’s wrong with the right.

    The next day we ran out of food
    And I got in a pretty bad mood
    Then my wife tore her dress
    I said, “I’m sorry, Bess,”
    But you’ll have to remain in the nude.

    I finally came up with a plan
    Drove to D.C. as fast as I can
    Where I got on the phone
    Tried to get us a loan
    But all they’d give me was John Boehner’s tan.

    I had to do something and fast
    I knew I couldn’t much longer last
    But all I could see
    Was the Party of Tea
    And the number of morons was vast.

    So I went near the White House to hide
    When the cops asked about me, I lied
    But while I was hidin’
    I ran intro Joe Biden
    And he talked as he brought me inside.

    The White House staff gave me a meal
    Can’t say how much better I feel
    A long time we’d been walkin’
    Joe never stopped talkin’
    But it still wasn’t that bad a deal.

    So I asked what the hell I could do
    Joe said that he hadn’t a clue
    But I followed his lead
    And I met Harry Reid
    And I asked him the same question too.

    Then Harry, he took me aside
    And explained just how hard he had tried
    But the damn G.O.P.
    They all work for BP
    So each time that they spoke, they had lied.

    So my story, it ends on that note
    I had tried, but that’s all she wrote
    There’s but one way to fight
    And vanquish the right
    That’s to make sure to go out and VOTE!

  18. Dr. Goose says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July,
    The police rounded up a Red spy;
    He lived in deep cover,
    In a flat with his mother,
    But seemed like a regular guy.

  19. Mark Kane says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July,
    A sultry young thing I did spy.
    She was naked, quite bare,
    With hardly a care,
    Enjoying my smiles with a sigh.

  20. madkane says:

    Oh good! Lots more fun limericks. Thanks everyone!

  21. Joe Plemon says:

    Sorry… I can’t compete with these great limericks, but I enjoy laughing while sweltering. Thanks for making the heat a bit more bearable!

  22. Jeff Collins says:

    On a hot, muggy day in July
    Damn temperature is way to high
    Here in my living room do I sit
    Just appling my wit
    Hoping the air conditioning won’t die