Super Bowl Sunday Blues

This probably sounds un-American, but I never watch football on television … or anywhere else, for that matter. Not even the Super Bowl.

Okay, maybe the half-time show for the musical acts. (I love The Who!) And perhaps a commercial or two, if my husband’s hysterical laughter gets my attention. But that’s it!

Super Bowl Sunday Blues (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I rarely watch sports on TV.
Figure skating is all that I’ll see.
So on Super Bowl Sunday,
I dream about Monday.
Till then, from our screen I must flee.

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11 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday Blues”

  1. Tumblewords says:

    I’ll drink to that! Cheers!

  2. Joyce Taron says:

    I’m with you on this, Mad!

  3. You are so not alone. I’m only tuning in (maybe) to see Queen Latifah perform. I never watch sports.

  4. I’m Canadian and I RARELY watch Hockey. *crouching, waiting for the sky to fall on me…* I think it’s kind of the same lol. I may get caught up a bit during play off time, but actually the more I think about it…no, I don’t. So cheers to you- I understand!

  5. madkane says:

    So good to see I’m not all alone in this!

  6. Of course, ya gotta catch those CLYDESDALES, if they appear. ;-)

  7. Linkmeister says:

    Hey, half of the original Who is performing the halftime show. Geezers unite!

    Ever since The Incident with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, we’ve had halftime shows with boomer appeal, have you noticed? Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Prince…

  8. madkane says:

    Linkmeister, don’t forget the Stones!

    I thought the Who sounded great. One of my favorite bands!

    (My husband called me to the TV just in time for the halftime show. :)

  9. One year, I watched Dr. Zhivago instead of the Super Bowl. And that was in college. Blasphemy!!

    I like “The Who” too, but OUCH! That show was tough to watch. The Guys just couldn’t hit the notes any more.

    Cute rhyme!

  10. I’m a watcher of every so often sports. Winter Olympics? Count me in. World Cup? I’m so there. Redskins games every Sunday? Uh…I suddenly have so much to do!

  11. madkane says:

    Thanks One of the Guys and Jill!