Humor Carnival Coming Soon to These Pages: Launch Date – April Fools Day

I’ve been wanting to launch a Humor Carnival for a long time but, until now, procrastination has gotten the better of me.  At long last, however, I’ve arisen from my torpor and, in theory at least, the first issue will appear on April 1st.  

So what’s a humor carnival? You can find some info here on my Humor Carnival page.  Basically, it will consist of the funniest posts submitted to me and may also include some laugh-out-loud humor that I find on my own.

Any topic is fine and any type of humor is fine (satirical columns, funny lists, limericks, fake news stories, cartoons, etc.) so long as it makes me laugh out loud or giggle uncontrollably.

The carnival will appear here in regular intervals.  I’m hoping every two weeks, but its frequency will depend on how much really funny stuff I get. So please send your funny material my way.

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