Our Shocking News (Limerick)

The news keeps delivering shocks:
There’s a daily new low for our stocks;
James Mattis resigned;
Trump (as usual) whined;
And we seem to be governed by Fox.

There is plenty more bad news to list,
And the thought of it all makes me pissed.
The government’s closed,
And our nation’s been hosed
By a felon. (Well, you get the gist.)

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3 Responses to “Our Shocking News (Limerick)”

  1. Mark G. Kane says:

    That was just GREAT. As I read it, I could almost hear you reading it in my head . . . Oh wait a minute, you were actually reading it OUT LOUD, for all of us.

    How very, very cool!

  2. Mike Moulton says:

    Said John Bolton, ever so squirrelly,
    To the Turks, who became rather surly,
    “You can ask Stormy D,
    Or that playboy bunny,
    If Trump really does pull out early.”