Trump/Pence Flag Abuse (Limerick)

Donald Trump was again on the hunt
For distraction — a tax-funded stunt,
So he told his Veep-peon
To locate a knee on
The ground and to flag the affront.

Taking umbrage at “sins” and “misdeeds”
Is Mike’s hobby; that’s how the guy feeds.
Off he flies to a game
With his pre-ordained claim:
Those Flag-bashing blacks are bad seeds!

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2 Responses to “Trump/Pence Flag Abuse (Limerick)”

  1. Chris Gross says:

    Today’s limerick:

    My two cents on the topic of NFL players before the game:

    When football players caused a distraction
    By not standing, I thought an infraction
    Should be dealt to the teams,
    After hearing fan’s screams.
    Or’s this merely a “kneel-jerk” reaction?


  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Off topic I know but:

    The vice president, one Mike Pence,
    ‘Twixt the ears it is clear is quite dense,
    Dines not but with Mother
    As if there’s another
    Who’d cop to that sordid offense.

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