I’m (Dance) Floored By Perry’s Nomination (Limerick)

I’ve finally figured out what qualifies former Texas governor Rick Perry to be Energy Sec: He’s an energetic dancer.

Anyone who believes Perry is qualified to lead the Department of Energy, probably makes this association: “Texas equals oil equals energy.” What a shame that energy resources like oil and gas are handled by a totally different agency: The Department of Interior.

So what’s the main job of the department Trump wants Perry to lead? Hint: sciencey stuff involving nuclear weapons and waste.

What qualifies Perry to be
Donald’s Energy Sec? Here’s my plea:
Kindly don’t mention oil.
(Oil’s Interior’s toil.)
As for Rick’s gig, nuke know-how is key.

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One Response to “I’m (Dance) Floored By Perry’s Nomination (Limerick)”

  1. Kay Davies says:

    The people of the US must be aghast, angry, and very, very afraid. Trump is doing just what everyone except radical Republicans expected he would do.
    I believe I speak for many (perhaps most) Canadians when I say we are very, very afraid. His treatment of Mexico can just as easily be the way he’ll treat us when he’s in power.
    I am absolutely amazed that he hasn’t been removed from office already. Perhaps even jailed, although it would be hard to make that stick because his radical followers would start screaming again.
    Is there nothing, nothing at all, in the US constitution that covers a contingency such as a raving lunatic given the power to blow up Europe or even North America? The idea of Trump with his hand on the big red button terrifies me.